You probably won’t be bothered by ticks on Badger Mountain or on desert hikes like Wallula or White Bluffs.  The main areas of concern are Bateman Island, Chamna, Zintel Canyon and other areas with trees and brush.  To prevent ticks on yourself, wear long-sleeved shirts with high collars, pants tucked into your boots or socks […]

I had the pleasure of taking a group of Boy Scouts to the top of Badger Mountain.  We all had a great time, everyone got to the top and saw the last remnants of the sunset.  Some of them seemed to appreciate the wildflowers that are out in force right now. We took a break […]

I was just up on Badger Mountain and the wildflowers are going crazy!  The recent rainfall and sunshine have turned the mountain into a colorful painting with magnificent flowers.  If you’ve never been on Badger Mountain, now is the perfect time.  The only warning is come prepared with a jacket and hat and gloves as […]

What an exciting day on Badger Mountain! Kudos to Brandon Lott and Scott Conrad from the Runner’s Soul for organizing such a great event to not only support the Friends of Badger Mountain but to encourage people to get outside and be more active (see the Mission of on the front page). I caught […]

I’m sure glad there are people like Kat Shaddix out there watching out for Hanford information screw ups like me!  I recently wrote this blog post about nuclear reactors being stored at Hanford, turns out I was WRONG.  They aren’t reactors at all but reactor compartments!  I’m sorry if I misinformed anyone but I got this […]

I decided I would ride my bike up Badger Mountain’s Skyline Trail today.  I got my heart pumping and plugged in my headphone (since I’m usually listening to speeches, audiobooks or podcasts, I usually wear only one so I can still hear my surroundings). I was pleasantly greeted by Badger Mountain looming as a large […]

It was a beautiful morning to hike Badger Mountain.  My wife told me the night before she was heading up so I decided I would too.  It was grey and dark down in town so I was hoping for a better outlook up on Badger. I headed for the Skyline Trailhead and started hiking in […]

Well, I must say I don’t usually carry a flashlight when I hike in the dark and I haven’t fallen yet. I did it again the other morning as I wanted to get a little exercise before my packed day. It was a nice morning. My wife had hiked the day before and said it […]