Directions to this hike Yeah, I succeeded in coaxing my family for a hike in a place I’d heard about but had never ventured. I promised the family it would not be a workout like Badger Mountain or Rattlesnake and so they agreed. We parked at the trailhead. A few nice, paved parking spots at […]

Directions to this hike Well, I wanted to get back on the mountain and try out my new Christmas present to myself, some new hiking boots to replace my 10-year old leakers. I knew Badger Mountain was white but it had been going through a warm/cold cycle the last few days so the trail was […]

Directions to this hike This is a reprint of a hike from my old blog.  I took this hike several times in 2010 and it is enjoyable so I decided to post this here on Hike because I think more people could benefit from exploring this area. Originally posted March 8, 2010 I decided […]

How to get to this hike I knew I wanted to get back on the “Sagebrush Trail” as I like to call it.  I hadn’t been on it since the completion of the trail a few months back.  When I got up this morning, I saw the fog and hoped for a unique view from the […]

One of my favorite reasons for hiking is to get my heart pumping. Before all the housing construction at the base of the north side of Badger Mountain, there were a few trails you could take that are very steep. This is one of the old trails. (there is no access anymore because of private […]

I took the opportunity to brave the white mountain Sunday morning and again Sunday night.  It was dark, both times.  It was good to have a friend along in the morning but my teenage boys bagged out on the evening hike!  Both hikes greeted me with a face full of snow! It was a little […]