Click Here for More Than 40 Hikes!

Here, you’ll find a list of hikes around the Tri-Cities area plus, some Bonus Hikes you may enjoy (see bottom of page)!

Amon Creek – Richland

Audubon Trail-Columbia Park -Kennewick

Badger Mountain (Click on hike for details)

Badger Mountain Canyon Trail – Richland

Badger Mountain Langdon Trail (Orchard View) – Richland New Hike!!!

Badger Mountain Sagebrush Trail – Richland

Badger Mountain Skyline Trail – Richland

Badger Mountain Badger Flats Trail

Badger Sports Park Hill – Richland

Little Badger Mountain – Richland

Other Hikes

Bateman Island – Richland

Bypass Shelter Belt – Richland

Candy Mountain – West Richland

Chamna Natural Preserve – Richland

Chandler Butte – Benton City

Columbia Point – Richland

Devil’s Canyon – Kahlotus – Franklin County

Flattop Hill – West Richland

Goose Hill – Kiona/Benton City

Horn Rapids County Park – Benton City

Johnson Butte – Kennewick

Jump-Off Joe – Kennewick

Juniper Dunes – Franklin County

McBee Gradual – Kiona/Benton City

McBee Hill – Kiona/Benton City

McNary Wildlife Refuge – Burbank

Palouse Falls – Kahlotus – Franklin County

Park at the Lakes – West Richland

Rattlesnake Erratics and Bergmounds – Benton City

Rattlesnake Mountain – Benton City

Red Mountain – West Richland

Red Mountain East Hike – West Richland New Hike!!!

Richland Bend – Pasco – Franklin County

Richland Riverfront Trail – Richland

Tapteal Bend – West Richland

Tri-Cities Riverfront Trail – Richland, Pasco, Kennewick

Twin Sisters – Walla Walla County

Urban Greenbelt Trail – Richland

W.E. Johnson Park – Richland

Wallula Gap – Kennewick – Benton County

White Bluffs – Franklin County

Yakima River Delta – Richland

Zintel Canyon – Kennewick

Bonus Hikes

50-Miler – Near Mount Adams

50-Miler – Pacific Crest Trail, Section I.  Government Meadows to White Pass

Indian Heaven Wilderness – Boy Scout High Adventure

Multnomah Falls – Columbia River Gorge, on the way to Portland

Oregon Butte – Near Dayton.  A great, one-nighter

Teancum Timbers – Near Dayton

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  • mlb

    We are novice hikers looking for local trails but none of the links work. Is there another place I can find out about local hiking trails?

    • paul

      Thank you for the feedback. The links for the hikes should work now. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any other issues on the new site. Enjoy, Paul

    • paul

      We just went through an update on the website. I think all the hike links have been repaired. If you find any that aren’t working, please let me know! Thanks, enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and please, spread the word about! Paul

    • paul

      With the upgrade, I had to modify the links, they should all work now. Please alert me if you find any that aren’t working. Which hike are you most interested in?

  • Michelle Oliver Burkhart

    Awesome Site!

    • paul

      Thanks for your thoughts. Please help spread the word! Post the web address on Facebook is a great way to get the word out.

  • Traci

    This update looks great! Glad to know this site is active!

    • paul

      Thanks for your thoughts. Please help spread the word! Post the web address on Facebook is a great way to get the word out.

  • stephan

    Awesome site!
    My son and I are excited to use this site as our guidebook for the area hikes!
    Thanks so much!

    • paul

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope people will use this site as a motivation to become more active in their lives. Please help by spreading the word about


  • Jay Williams

    Such a valuable resource, thank you Paul. I will be doing Candy and Red very soon.

    • paul

      Thank you, Jay. There are more blog posts and hikes coming with exciting happenings at Have fun hiking and please, spread the word to help others be more active and Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds Us!

  • Lisa

    Awesome! Moved to area a few months back and looking forward to getting out as the weather gets nicer. Thanks for time and effort you put into this resource.

    • paul

      Don’t let the weather hold you back! Enjoy, please spread the word about Thanks, Paul

  • Jim

    Very cool site. This will be a menu of opportunities as the spring weather encourages us to go outdoors.


  • Linda

    I just heard about a hike called “Mailbox peak” near North Bend. It sounds like quite an adventure and was wondering if you have been on this hike? Linda

    • paul


      I haven’t heard of that hike. Most of the hikes on are found in the Columbia Basin/Tri-Cities area.

      Thanks for asking!

  • Ginny Packham

    Thanks for the great hiking site. I am from So Calif and I was looking for a hike to take my grand kids on. I think we will try the Richland Bend. I will let u know how it was with the kids. Thanks again!

    • paul

      Thanks so much for the kind words. How did your hike go?

  • Lauren Fjeldsted Allen

    Paul!?!? Are you kidding me?! What a great website! High five! I don’t see you at work much any more but now I get to see the awesome hikes you go on:) seriously, how did I not know about the website earlier?

    • paul


      Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you found! I hope you enjoy the hikes and please, spread the word so more people can get outdoors and be more active! You can even share it on Facebook! Have a great day, see you around. Have you found one of the hikes that you are planning to take?

  • Dennis

    Hey Paul! Were moving to the tri-cities soon and avid hikers\backpackers, do you know if there is a forum for tri-city hikers like we have over here at

    • paul

      Dennis, I don’t know of any forums. I try to entertain as many comments as possible on this blog site. Also, there are a few links to some local hiking groups on the front page in the right hand column. Hope this helps! What brings you to the Tri-Cities?

      • Dennis

        Change of pace and getting closer to the wife’s family. Nice change from west of the crest; even though the hiking there is awesome. I may build out a forum as I’m taking a break till the first of the year.

        • paul

          Welcome to the dry side!

          • Dennis

            Thanks, Forgot how heavy the packs are when you have to carry ALL your water. 🙂

  • Dustin

    Paul, such a awesome website. Definitely adding to my favorites! Lived here all my life and didn’t know about some of these hikes. Also, excellent info on the ones I’ve thought of doing but wasn’t quite sure of. Thank You.

    • paul

      Wow! How great that you find such value in! Please share this information with those you know so we can encourage people to be more active. I have two questions for you:
      1. Which hikes have you been on.
      2. What hikes do you know of that I might add to the web site?

      Cheers, Paul

  • Joe

    Just moved here and this is a awesome site. I’m new to hiking and this really helps, as I’m already getting tired of walking badger haha. Thanks for all the postings and keep it up.

    • paul

      Joe, Thanks for the kudos! Please pass the information to those you know so more people can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us!

      Which hikes have you done so far?

      • veronica

        I love this! I am so excited to explore our great 3 cities – thank you for sharing! I was wondering about a trail I heard of – I think its called the River City trail? Do you know if that is right – I can’t seem to find it 😉

        • paul

          Veronica, I’m not sure what the River City Trail is but the Riverfront Trail I have in the hikes area might be what you’re looking for. Here’s a link to the page. Enjoy and please spread the word and share with others! Thanks, Paul

  • Lenora Good

    Thanks for this site! Wish I’d known about it before it got this hot (103 today) 😉 Am looking forward to some of them — especially the short one out to Twin Sisters!

    • paul

      Thanks, Lenora! One tip to beat the heat is to get an early morning hike in, the sunrises are spectacular! Have you been on any other hikes lately?

      • Lenora Good

        Sunrises? As in morning? Surely you jest 😉 Actually, that’s a great time to go hiking, I’m just not usually up and functioning that early. Not any real ‘hikes’ in the area, but lots of walking. Love Zintel Cyn.

  • Dustin

    Hey Paul.
    Sorry for the late reply. The only ones I have NOT been on are Badger Flats, Chandler Butte, Devils Canyon, Goose Hill, Johnson Butte, McBee Gradual, Rattlesnake, and Twin Sisters. Rattlensnake and Goose Hill are next on my list to do. As far as add ons…I don’t have any. If hear of any i’ll be sure to recommend.

  • […] Link to Badger Mountain hikes and pictures on […]

  • […] Link to Badger Mountain hikes and pictures on […]

  • Krista

    I just stumbled upon your site searching for places to train (I’ve only done road before, but am branching out.) I would need to run some of these, but am aware that the busy ones are probably out… What’s trail etiquette? Is jogging frowned upon? Don’t want to be a nuisance 🙂
    Even if I only run a couple, I will definitely hike several! Great website!

  • Maggie

    Hello, Do you have a map of all the hikes? I’m hoping to find them organized on a map so I can start with the closest one and work my way around to them all.

    • paul


      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. You are in luck! I am putting the finishing touches on an e-book of all the hikes. Just sign up on the front page of the web site (a pop-up box should come up). Then, you will be alerted to when the book is available!

  • Herb Rockey

    I and 2 others took the Wallula Gap hike this morning. The mileage listed was spot on, 6.4 miles. Perfect day for the hike and well worth the trip. Got some great pics at the over sight. My only regret was not finding the geocache as I had neglected to input it to my gps. Bummer. Met several clusters of cows and calves along the way but they easily moved out of the way.

    • paul


      That is great! I need to get back out to Wallula Gap soon, such a great vista. Thanks for your comments, Paul.

  • Rhea

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • paul

      My pleasure, please spread the word! Paul

  • Sierra

    Thank you! I moved to Kennewick recently and am just now learning about all the great outdoor places nearby that I can explore. I hiked the Zintel Canyon today and was so inspired, I’m back on this site again to find a new trail for tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be referencing this list a lot.

    • paul


      Thanks for the note. I hope you enjoy the various hikes, I try to keep adding new ones. Please pass this information on to others who could use and benefit from it! Paul

  • Jessica

    What a great site! I currently live in pdx but our family still lives in the tri cities we are always looking for places to hike other than badger. Our family lives in canyon lakes and We do the mountain biking trails behind there by the state patrol building off of 395. Those are a little tri city secret!! Never crowded and good little pitch going up and down!! Thanks for all your hard work on this site!

    • paul

      I love riding the State Patrol area. I have quite a few maps and videos of that area at

      Thanks for the kudos, please pass this info on to others who could use and enjoy it! Paul

  • Kasia

    Great site Paul! Taking my kiddos on a hike tomorrow. – Kasia

    • paul


      Have a great time! Thanks for checking out Hike Tri-Cities, spread the word! paul

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