Getting Ready for the Badger Mountain Challenge

I know many people have been training for the Badger Mountain Challenge.  I was up on the mountain this morning, getting a little wet and enjoying the beautiful flowers which are blooming ALL OVER!  I’ve included pictures on this post, you can click each one to enlarge.  The pictures are pretty good for being on […]

The 2015 Badger Mountain Challenge is Coming!

It’s time for the 5th annual Badger Mountain Challenge! Registration is now closed but make sure you watch here at for full coverage of the big event! This event benefits local organizations and allows hundreds of local and long-distance visitors to say “I did it!”. The Challenge offers a 15k (that’s where I’ll be), […]

Flowers are Blooming on Badger (and other local trails!)

What a great sign of spring on Badger Mountain!  I was hiking the other day and started seeing several varieties of yellow flowers. I was hiking on the new Orchard View Trail, which is on the south side of Badger Mountain. This side gets the most sun exposure so the other trails are playing catchup […]

New Landmark Visible from Badger Mountain

The largest freezer in North America is nearing completion in Richland and it is easy to spot from local places like Badger Mountain, Candy Mountain, and Red Mountain.  Preferred Freezer Services is building the massive structure for use by many local businesses.  The building is 455,000 square feet and cost about $115 million to build. […]

Richland Man Shares His Wisdom About His 2600+ Mile Hike!

Aaron Ellig completed a “through-hike” of the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s an accomplishment few people can claim. Listen to this episode of the Hike Healthy Podcast as Aaron shares his experience and wisdom from the Mexico to Canada epic journey! Click the play button below to listen to the interview. Podcast: Play in new window […]

Still hiking in his 70’s

Meet Dick, he should serve as an inspiration to us all. Dick has been hiking Badger Mountain for years with his son’s black lab (he’s pretty much adopted the dog for himself!)  I’ve known Dick for almost 20 years and he started hiking Badger Mountain after he had open heart surgery and coronary artery bypass […]

Candy Mountain Contrasting Hikes 3 days, 3 different hikes

The snow we had when we woke up on Sunday morning was calling me to one of my local mountains for a hike.  I chose Candy Mountain because it is closer to my home than other trails.  I really wanted to hike in the snow, especially since it was only a couple of inches deep. […]

Rattlesnake Wildlife Preserve Hike with the Boy Scouts

What a pleasure to hike the Rattlesnake Wildlife Preserve with the Boy Scouts from Troop 290 from West Richland this beautiful day! This was an awesome hike, we covered 9.5 miles.  Our moving time was about 3 and a half hours and we climbed about 1885 feet.  You can see our path on these GPS […]

Hike Healthy Podcast Featured on World-Renowned Show!

The Hike Healthy Podcast was recently featured as a success story on the 48 Days to the Work You Love podcast with my mentor, Dan Miller! You can listen to the brief clip by clicking play on the podcast player.  Please visit the Hike Healthy Podcast to learn more about it!   Podcast: Play in […]

Richland Man Completes Through-Hike, Mexico to Canada!

A Richland man had a big goal and he decided to go for it! Aaron Ellig had heard of people hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Now, 5 months and over 2600 miles later, He’s done it! To quote Aaron from his Blog (One Man, One Trail), “The PCT was a […]