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On August 17 and 18th, 2017, Young men and leaders from the Paradise Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints climbed Mount Adams in Washington State.  13 youth and 8 adults went on the trip and all 21 made it to the summit!  It was an epic adventure and this page will […]

Apparent Tragedy at Palouse Falls

Update on this tragic story:  Rescue workers at Palouse Falls recovered the body of 25-year old Cade Prophet from the water above the falls on Tuesday May 31 (Spokesman-Review).  Prophet was from Sandpoint, Idaho. This is so sad to report.  The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reports that a man fell off a cliff at Palouse […]

Flowers still blooming, even though its warming up, Butterflies too!

It was a great day for a hike on Candy Mountain today.  The Carey’s Balsamroot is fading but other flowers are taking its place.  Like this Piper’s Daisy with its bright yellow, vibrant coloring.  Don’t forget to check our wildflower page for more identification. Slender Hawksbeard is also in full bloom all over the Columbia […]

Lost Hikers Rescued, Be Careful Out There!

This is a story from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.  I share this with you here as a means of warning about proper preparation for hiking, even if its just here in the Columbia Basin.  This includes having a good map/compass/GPS and knowing where you are going.  If you don’t know, don’t go!  […]

Construction started on Candy Mountain Trailhead

They’re moving dirt at the new Candy Mountain Summit Trail Trailhead! Heavy equipment operators are at the site today getting the parking lot cleared and leveled.  The trail is still not officially open, watch for opening details.  County park official Adam Fyall reports there will be parking for over 50 vehicles plus horse trailer […]

Spring Wildflower Season is Here!

Spring Wildflowers are Blooming, Don’t Miss Out! Well, just as I thought, the wet winter (and continued rain showers we’ve had this spring), are making for beautiful colors on the hills and hiking trails around the Columbia Basin.   Wildflower Identification If you need some help identifying a wildflower you see out on your hike, […]

Awesome New Hiking Trail Coming to the Tri-Cities!

One-way mileage: 1.6 miles Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Elevation: Start 840 feet, Summit: 1385 feet, Total Ascent 538 feet. Warning: Rattlesnakes have been spotted on this trail during warm, summer months. Wow! What an awesome trail! This is thanks, in a large part to the Friends of Badger Mountain. The Friends of Badger Mountain worked […]

Will you take care of your dog, please?

There seems to be an unusually large number of “presents” left along the trail on Badger Mountain. There are plenty of unpackaged “presents”. Some of them are nicely wrapped but left trailside. Now, you may think this is kind of picky but it sure messes up the beauty of our local trails when dog owners […]

Snow’s Gone!  Time to Hike!

The Snow is gone! Hit the Trails! It’s hard to believe the contrast between the first part of February and the first part of March. The pictures below show the south side of Badger Mountain on the Skyline Trail. There was a huge drift there for a couple months! This is the longest winter I […]

Badger Mountain Extreme Challenge

A while back, I met Dan in the parking lot at a local auto parts store. He recognized me from and wanted to talk about his experience at the Badger Mountain Challenge.  His story was not pleasant as he felt he had been forgotten, left behind and unsupported (except by a couple of people).  […]