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Badger Mountain Trail Reopened!

Badger Mountain Trail ReopenedThe Dallas Road trailhead received a facelift Expansion of the Skyline/Langdon trailhead parking area and access road is done Work crews will also chip sealed the road from Dallas Road to the parking area which will be a big help in preventing the washboards which develop with the heavy traffic.

May is a wonderful time of year for hiking.  Its warming up, there’s plenty of sunshine, wildflowers are blooming. Watch out as my favorite flower, the Mariposa Lily will be blooming soon!  The last couple of hikes I’ve noticed the butterflies are out!  It happens every May and it is so fun to walk through […]

Badger Mountain Trail Closure

Badger Mountain Trail ClosedThe Dallas Road trailhead is getting a facelift but it will require a little inconvenience for a couple of weeks. Construction started Wednesday, May 11 on expansion of the Skyline/Langdon trailhead parking area.  Heavy machinery will be working in the area so there is no public access to the trailhead. The trail […]

Rattlesnake Encounter – Snakes are Out!

Let me start by saying this is not meant to frighten anyone.  I truly hope you will still get outdoors and be active even though snakes are out.  Please read this article I wrote on hiking safer even in snake country. I was on a mountain bike ride this morning, almost at the end.  I […]

Badger Mountain Closure is Coming

As the webmaster of, I’ve had several inquiries about closing the trails on Badger Mountain.  A local radio station has run an April Fool’s joke for a couple of years (its getting a little old now) saying there will be charges for hiking or closures or some form of that misinformation.  Well, I went […]

New Trails Coming to Candy Mountain!

Fundraising by volunteers including the Friends of Badger Mountain has succeeded in another step in expanding the areas set aside as open space along the horizons of the Tri-Cities area. With the wildly popular hiking trails on Badger Mountain (Canyon trail, Sagebrush trail, Badger Flats trail, Skyline trail, and the new Langdon trail), hundreds of […]

Vandals Strike on Badger Mountain

It is a sad story but I was out hiking on Badger Mountain’s Sagebrush and Canyon trails  and found the results of some disrespectful people who defaced some of the signage. It is frustrating to see the lack of maturity that some people have when it comes to graffiti.  These signs were placed by volunteers […]

Full Moon Mountain Bike Ride on Badger Mountain

About 20 people took advantage of a clear night with a full moon to ride the trails on Badger Mountain on Wednesday, February 22.  It was organized by Greenies bike shop on GW way in Richland.  It was a little chilly but many people shed some layers quickly as they worked up some body heat […]