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I’m not doing the 100 miler but maybe there are some ultra-marathoners out there brave, young, and fit enough to tackle the longest Badger Mountain Challenge! I just heard about this the other day and thought I’d give it a little mention here on Hike The first Badger Mountain Challenge is March 25th and […]

  Directions to this hike What a great blessing to find this simple, yet beautiful hiking area right here in town. I’d seen the sign and parking area before and decided to venture into the area to get a look. A nice surprise was just 200 yards up the trail as your standing on the […]

Directions to this hike My wonderful wife agreed to accompany me this morning on a trek on Bateman Island. I knew sunrise was at 7:39 a.m. so we had to hustle to get to the northeast shore for a good view of the eastern sky. I could see a break in the clouds on the […]

Most people break those perennial promises. The new year’s resolutions that can be counted on to bring frustration and downright depression because people don’t set themselves up for success. Well, Hike is hoping to help you succeed on the number one new year’s resolution of all time, getting fit. You can literally hike your […]

Directions to this hike Yeah, I succeeded in coaxing my family for a hike in a place I’d heard about but had never ventured. I promised the family it would not be a workout like Badger Mountain or Rattlesnake and so they agreed. We parked at the trailhead. A few nice, paved parking spots at […]

Directions to this hike Well, I wanted to get back on the mountain and try out my new Christmas present to myself, some new hiking boots to replace my 10-year old leakers. I knew Badger Mountain was white but it had been going through a warm/cold cycle the last few days so the trail was […]

Directions to this hike This is a reprint of a hike from my old blog.  I took this hike several times in 2010 and it is enjoyable so I decided to post this here on Hike because I think more people could benefit from exploring this area. Originally posted March 8, 2010 I decided […]

How to get to this hike I knew I wanted to get back on the “Sagebrush Trail” as I like to call it.  I hadn’t been on it since the completion of the trail a few months back.  When I got up this morning, I saw the fog and hoped for a unique view from the […]

One of my favorite reasons for hiking is to get my heart pumping. Before all the housing construction at the base of the north side of Badger Mountain, there were a few trails you could take that are very steep. This is one of the old trails. (there is no access anymore because of private […]

I took the opportunity to brave the white mountain Sunday morning and again Sunday night.  It was dark, both times.  It was good to have a friend along in the morning but my teenage boys bagged out on the evening hike!  Both hikes greeted me with a face full of snow! It was a little […]